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PAC actuarial consultants think it is important to share our expertise on a regular basis with family lawyers. Read our many articles published in major legal journals, as well as our three text treatices (Wolturs Kluwer NY, Aspen Publishers). We have also participated in numerous Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Seminars and speaking presentations on QDRO and pension issues in divorce all over the U.S.A. for the last twenty-three years. We have spoken on Radio, TV, American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, National Business Institute, Tax Institute, Purdue University, La Salle University, American Council of Family Mediators, and many County and State Bar Associations across our country.

Our president and consulting acturial advisor, Mark Altschuler, notes that there have been several new developments in the pension field including the new generational mortality table, the IRC segment interest rates, and new military court order rulings. Contact our offices to schedule a complimentary seminar for your bar association regarding the implications of these developments on divorce valuations, QDROs, or other retirement issue topics of your choice, including:

QDROs in divorce

Pension appraisals and QDROs

Pension valuations and QDROs under specific state laws and specific state retirement systems (Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina and Florida)
  • Basics of pension valuation
  • Joint and survivor annuities
  • Defined contribution plans
  • Cost of living adjustment
  • Social Security offset
  • Sample Public School (TRS ,TPAF, PSERS, FRS, VRS, CALPERS, etc.) valuations under state-specific case law
  • Early retirement enhancements
  • Shared interest non-ERISA DRO’s
  • Stock Options and Shared Interest QDROs
  • Military and Armed Forces Retirement Systems and Court Orders (MCOs and COAPs)

Pension Analysis Consultants, Inc. sets the bar for the highest possible levels of professional excellence. Our talks are quite substantive and, of course, non-promotional.

We do not charge a fee for the presentation; we consider it an educational expense that will help upgrade the family lawyer’s knowledge in this often complex field.

Contact us to discuss how we can make an impact at your next professional conference with a quality presentation.

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PAC provides pension valuations, QDROs and actuarial reports for divorce attorneys and marriage dissolution mediators nationwide. Our Philadelphia offices are located in the suburb of Elkins Park, Pennsylvania, from where we serve the needs of legal professionals nationally, including east coast states such as New York, New Jersey, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, Washington, D.C., and Maryland. Our Florida office located in Coral Gables, FL serves Florida family attorneys.
Pension Analysis Consultants, Inc.

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