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A Primer on Pension Valuations in Divorce
By Mark K. Altschuler Originally published in Valuing Specific Assets in Divorce, edited by Robert D. Feder, by Aspen Law & Business, 2000. To order this excellent reference book on divorce assets, call: 800-638-8437. A Primer on Pension Valuations in Divorce is an important introduction and overview to the intricacies of pension valuations and is now available for your free online usage. The primer includes an explanation of the mechanics of a present value calculation in layman's terms. Also included is a discussion of how Coverture is used in specific states across the nation.

Why Doesn't My Benefit Statement Tell Me the Value of My Pension?
This article explains why determining the present value of a pension is not as simple as obtaining a benefit statement from the employer. It explains what goes into producing the accurate value of a pension.

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