The PAC Library is a proprietary QDRO Reference Center and Pension Valuation Preparation Guide for insights and valuable information. The PAC Library helps you find the best and most authoritative sources of QDRO and pension valuation expert guidance. Browse the drop down list and select from Articles, DivTips, Textbooks, Learn About Pensions and Methods & Standards:

ARTICLES Read some of our professional articles exploring cutting-edge QDRO and pension issues. These articles, written by our actuaries, have been published by editor invitation in highly respected law journals, such as The American Journal of Family Law, New Jersey Lawyer and Pennsylvania Law Weekly. Matrimonial attorneys who need QDROs prepared and pensions valued for divorce cases read these articles for detailed information, insight and knowledge.

DIVTIPS® Timely topics on QDRO drafting and valuing pensions are explored in detail in these precise newsletters authored by PAC Actuaries. These newsletters are periodically made available to divorce practitioners for practical and insightful information that is applicable to their divorce cases involving QDROs and pension appraisals.

OUR ASPEN PRESS TEXTBOOKS Three legal textbooks (Aspen Publishers, Inc.), authored by our Actuaries, contain material on valuing pensions, drafting QDROs, and valuing specific assets. A good lawyer knows that knowledge and thorough preparation is vital for the planning, strategy and control to help their client get the best settlement. These books are strong, practical reference guides for family lawyers handling pensions and QDROs in divorce.

learn about pensions

Here are some real answers on what our actuaries do and how they do it. This information goes way beyond online evaluators with canned software packages and no actuarial credentials.

METHODS & STANDARDS Discussion of the Gatt, PBGC and IRC rates, the Actuarial Standard of Practice, No. 34: Actuarial Practice Concerning Retirement Plan Benefits in Domestic Relations Actions, and highlights of testimonials from satisfied users of Pension Analysis Consultants’ pension valuation and QDRO services.

PAC provides pension valuations, QDROs and actuarial reports for divorce attorneys and marriage dissolution mediators nationwide. Our Philadelphia offices are located in the suburb of Elkins Park, Pennsylvania, from where we serve the needs of legal professionals nationally, including east coast states such as New York, New Jersey, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, Washington, D.C., and Maryland. Our Florida office located in Coral Gables, FL serves Florida family attorneys.
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